Does he want to get back together?

have a car part I found in attic that is my exes so I contacted him by fb message to tell him. didn't have his phone number so only way to tell him.

his answer was standoffish and he was worried he'd bother me coming over but I assured him he woudln't. 2 nights ago I was in a car accident and I told him because I wouldn't be home to give him the part most of Thursday. he was asking how I was, what happened, Then went on to tell me how his life is. He's glad I'm OK. All this was over fb message still, at the end he said to make it easier for me I could text him and gave me his number. I didn't ask for it. Thursday I told him late in the day would be OK and he said he's off again Friday but whatever is best for me he'll do. So I thanked him and told him Friday would be best. when I contact him he answers within minutes to it's so odd and unlike him.

in the beginning everyone was saying he just wants his car part but why all this small talk that isn't needed and instead of coming to get it saying he can come tomorrow if that is best for me. He's never said anything like this before he done things so it's easy for him.

Our break up was 4 monthes ago.

he came over to pick up the part, I wanted to talk to him but he left his truck running. So I didn't ask. We had a quick convo about what the part was and how my car was he lingered on the step turned to do then he said take care. Is that his way of saying he won't contact me again? why make sure I had his number and all that crap I'm so confused I was over him and just wanted to be nice and give him his part back now I miss him because of all the fb messaging and texting. He was my best friend and now I don't have anyone to talk to about certain things.

I don't want to be a stalker so should I just not say anything or text something in a couple days to just be my question a good thing to say or should I say something else?


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  • I don't think he's ready to get back together

    • does he sound interested? like I should tell him it was good seeing him and we could be friends?


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  • I don't think there is enough info to tell yet. He could feel bad about your accident and is being friendly because of it or he might be Interested. Maybe keep talking to him for now and try to read it more

    • i was planning on texting him in a couple days to say it was good seeing him and I'll keep my ears open if anyone needs a car. (he told me he has a car for sale). do you think his response to that woudl show me?

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  • i don't think so

  • i think he would want you to make the first step, but you still have to wait and see how he reacts. take your time.

    • i was thinking about sending a text saying it was good seeing him and I'll let him know if I hear anyone needs a car (he told me that he's trying to sell one because of financial issues). woudl that be showing interest without pushing to hard. I was thinking to text Monday so it's been like 4 days don't want to overwhelm him.