Why did he delete his online profile?

I met this wonderful guy 3 weeks ago online. We talked nearly everyday either by text or phone for the first week. We went to dinner and continued to talk at the 2- week mark. After 3 weeks, we slept together. He said he had no intentions to but he did anyway and he stayed much longer than I or he expected. The next day I sent him a text message saying that I couldn't wait to see him again. Shortly afterward, he deleted his online profile. I continued to hear from him only by text when I initiated contact but I haven't heard from him in a couple of days.

I would like insight on why he deleted his profile and just on the situation in general.


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  • people often delete online dating profiles , there not like a Facebook page or email account that are more permanent in nature . people join those dating sites and often delete profiles after a while so that isn't unusual

    but it sounds like he's losing interest if he only replies to texts and isn't sending any to you

    • Yeah. Ok.

    • Yeah, it really sounds like he was looking for quick fix to tide him over for a while, and he got it, so he didn't need that profile anymore.


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  • sounds like it's one of a few things

    1) he was only looking to hook up

    2) things didnt' go the way he'd hoped sexually so he's pulling away

    3) things went to fast and now he's retreating.

    I'd say one or 2 are most likely

  • He pumped and dumped. You have to be aware this occurs at age 30-35

  • Maybe things were going to fast for him and he freaked out. Maybe he is married and is afraid of being caught


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  • Maybe he was afraid his wife would see his profile and find out he was f*cking you!