Why is my ex still so cold and angry towards me?

D (the guy I'm in love with/ex) and I were together 5 months(I know that's short) we were both very much in love with each other and he was always the one to bring up the future, kids marriage etc.. he would send me texts saying" I can't wait to make you my wife so I can go to sleep and wake up next to you every night and day" among others. Things were going great until one night we were at my house cuddling watching a movie and his sister(S) texted him saying that no one liked me and she felt like I was taking him away from her. He stood up for me saying " how dare you say that she's the one I want to be with the rest of my life so back off" well none the less things died down so I thought .but after that he slowly started to become distant .well after 2 months went by he payed for me to go to school..2 days after it started he broke up with me via text. And then called me 15 min later asking if I was okay his family was mad at him for breaking up with me anyway. we continued to talk he continued to say he still loved me and that I was his soul mate after that and 3 weeks after we broke up he made a FB and put his profile pic of me and him/ added me. and Shorty after that a ex's sister of mine(J) messaged him saying I cheated on him with her brother and all this other b.s ( I didn't even have contact with them but she did this to whoever I was dating she couldn't stand for me to be happy when she wasn't) he for some reason believed her, even though his family and friends did not. he is now married to the girl he dated after me(who is sister likes), yet he is still so angry towards me why? if he's so happy with her why is he angry towards me after 4 years about something I didn't even do? and how to I get over him I'm still very much in love with him

ALSO Everytime I run into him he won't walk past me he just looks like he's going to cry...


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  • He has issues. If this is possibly going to be marriage, you need counseling.


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  • because maybe he still have feelings for u