Is this my fault or the girl's fault? I left a girl at prom because she was kinda ignoring me.

let's say I invite a girl to prom. so she's my date but most of the time she's hanging around with her friends. so I told her I was leaving and told her to have fun. would the girl be upset with me and blame me? ever since she hasn't responded to my texts. I thought she was kinda avoiding me and would prob have more fun if I wasn't there so I left. also before this we went to dinner and I guess she got the vibe that I wasn't interested in her (at prom her friend came to us and was repeating to me how pretty my date is and how lucky I am and stuff)

so whose fault is it (we don't know each other well)

assuming she had a ride bak would tat change anything


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  • I had a girl I dated who would ignore me if she wasn't happy. Her mantra was that the silent treatment was a proper threat. For me, it was the only time I could get a word in edgewise. NOT a punishment. I just don't like those games, but I don't let it anger me. BUT - There were only a few times I left. She had her own ride every time, and I had an important meeting or somewhere I had to be and I'd give her plenty of notice about when I had to leave. At wedding and formal evens, though, that bit has to change, even if she drove you nuts.

    I've had "pals" leave me behind at strange people's houses, without any concern for if I had a ride. No warning, just sudden attitude problem and they're gone. And it ticks me off. I would assume it would annoy you if she had driven you there, and she left without making sure you had a safe ride back.

    Her fault for "ignoring you" but, maybe she's just clueless like that. Your fault for not mentioning it. You DID tell her you were leaving... however it's your duty, say, at Prom (and more formal events) that you at LEAST make sure she can get home safely if she wants to stay so badly and WILL NOT leave. However, you could have hung out even if she was ignoring you.


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  • Why did you two even go together if both of you weren't interested? I'd say it's your fault because you're still her designated ride. Did you at least go back to get her? It was rude of her to ignore you but that's when you say something or go make your own fun in the event, or come back later to pick her up.

    • Did you at least check with her that she did first? But it's like she told her parents she was coming back home with you as a ride and you both probably won't hang out for a while if ever again.

  • Yours that's a d*** move prom is a social event your suppose to hang out with your friends. You were her date and you just assumed she had a ride home you didn't check its just rude of course she's not talking to you

  • Both. But mostly yours.

  • It's both of your faults.

    She should have been more considerate and payed more attention to her date. Yet, maybe you were being sensitive and imagining that she was ignoring you when she wasn't or maybe she was just really shy.

    • but her friend was like repeatedly telling me how pretty she was so does that mean I made the girl feel unattractive?

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    • i didn't do any stupd passive aggressive thing she did I think. she was the one asking so I responded is that not making effort? how do you show effort?

    • next time your date ignores u,mention it to them, tell them if they don't want to be there with you, you will leave other wise they need to be present

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  • You are at fault. You asked her out, you owe it to her to stay at the prom for the duration.

  • Well you weren't a gentleman by leaving like that, that's for sure.

    You should have stayed at this prom night, socializing with other people.

    A date can go wrong or not, but even if she ignored you (probably thinking you weren't interested, or not being interested herself), it was your duty to assume your responsibilities and drive her back home, unless you were sure she could be driven back home safely by someone else.

    Of course, she won't answer your texts anymore, because being sort of stood up at a prom is something she won't forget.

  • She's just not that into you