Does this girl have an emotional "wall" up or is she just not interested in me at all?

I honestly don't know why I have taken such a big interest in her. She's cute. She's bi. But she's known as kind of a slut, and has this "I don't give a f***" attitude. She can be bitchy sometimes, but really nice.

We text. But after maybe 10 texts, she stops, and won't text me unless I text her back. And sometimes, she won't even text back when I text her. Every time I hang out with her, she's always texting other people too.

When we do text, she RARELY shows emotion. And she told me that she's been going through hard stuff in her life at the moment, but she won't share what that bad stuff is with me. And she just won't open up to me. Even though I try. And I try to flirt with her, and she has only flirt with me one time back, but it was more of a rejection flirt (or at least what it felt like to me). So, doe's she have a wall up or is she just not interested?


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  • i think she just isn't that into you


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  • In my opinion she doesn't seem interested. However, if she really is just going through things then I don't think she would share them with you no matter what you say unless she is ready. And try not to waist to much time you'll regret it.

    • I'm not spending all my time on this girl. I already know I only have about a 10% chance with this girl (I'm like the complete opposite of what she usually goes after). So, I already know I don't want to waste my time on her, but right now, I don't have any other girls to go after.

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    • Like, I'm not saying I'm thirsty. I'll wait a long time if I have to. I just get stimulation off of having someone I can care about and who cares about me. Since, well, I only have like 2 or 3 people who really do care for me.

    • Well why do you say that you only have 2 or 3 people who care about you? I'm sure your family care a lot about you.

  • only she knows any way if she is not willing then not worth it move and find a replacement better than her

  • no, she just doesn't like you

  • She doesn't like you.


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  • daddy issues,

    • she actually does have daddy issues

    • Knew it and the two moronic women who have them themselves down votes me.