Someone please give me some insight here if you can.

I can't get a read on this girl so I was hoping you all could give me some insight. I've been seeing this girl for over a year now. We talk every day. She's always wanting to hang out with me. We kiss. We cuddle. We have sex on a fairly regular basis. We hang out almost every day and we have a lot of fun together. She's introduced me to her parents. We've gone and visited her grandparents numerous times. She bought me $200 worth of really nice clothes for my birthday. She says she loves me. She wants me to move in with her in February. One thing. She's technically not my girlfriend. I've tried to establish relationship status with this girl on more than one occasion and she just says "I'm not ready yet". Someone please give me some insight here if you can. It seems extremely bizarre to me.


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  • sounds to me like she has committment issues. Be careful, if a girl doesn't want to be your girlfriend it means you're either verging into the "just sex" friendship or she's still going round and sleeping with other people. The best way to find out is just to talk to her. Explain how you feel and how much you want to be with her and find out why she isn't "ready yet" chances are it might just be something silly you can resolve or something big like she likes to sleep around either way you'll have your answer and avoid possible hurt in the future.

    Hope it all goes well :)

    • Thanks. I was thinking some of the same things.


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  • It does sound like you are in a relationship. You typically don't move in with someone you just sleep with and 200$ sounds like a lot unless she's filthy rich or is your girlfriend. Anyway, she certainly cares about you. Perhaps she's afraid of the commitment. Is it her first relationship? I'm asuming not if she's close to you in age. Have she had bad experiences in the past? When you know why she's insecure (you know her better than we do, is it possible that she'll tell you why she needs time if you ask nicely?) you know what you have to reassure her of. Otherwise, just keep being a nice guy and wait for her. It's really the best option since it will prove to her that you're commited. My best friend basically had a relationship with a guy, but she wasn't ready to make it official until over 6 months later. He was her first boyfriend and she says that it took some while for her to get used to the thought. They've been (officially) together for 3 years now. :) It could be the same if your girl had something bad happen to her in the past. Give her some time.

    • Hey loony :) It wouldn't be her first. She's my age but she's only been in 2 relationships. One left her and started seeing her roommate/good friend which they ended up getting married. The other one was good for about 6 months but once he moved in things just took a nose dive. It's been about 3 years since her last relationship which was that one.

  • If she buying you things and she don't want to be in a relationship you could have some really good penis and she feel like you are just a sex buddy to her. and she might be trying to make somebody jealous by bringing you in. but you wouldn't have commitment issues if she wants you to move in with her she might really like you because if you move in with her technically she is in a relationship with you, you don't spend a lot of money on a friend. just talk to her about it and tell her you getting mixed single and what do you want to do. and tell her how you feel about her cause a woman would love to know how much a man really care


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