I went on a date with a girl, can you give me your opinion please.

I went on a Date with a Girl and we went to bowling,arcade,and she liked this food place so we went there too,I paid for everything even tho she wanted to pay for something,We had a great laugh and everything...

But the thing that bothers me a bit is when she was leaving her mum came in and said hi to me and then she said are you ready to go to the girl I was dating (Her daughter) and she said Yes,And then she said I'll see you in school bye,And I didn't get a hug and she walked out with her mum to the car :/

Any opinions would be great! Thanks.


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  • Would you have kissed/hugged her if your mom was there standing in front of you?


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  • That seems typical. She was just embarrassed to hug you in front of her mom or she could've been afraid that her mom would say something. Don't stress it. Next time you see her just tell her she owes you a hug.

  • I would assume she was afraid to show you how she felt in front of her mom.. Don't take it personal give her time

  • Don't worry - it's unfortunate her mom came in before you guys could say a proper goodbye but it's no big deal. Everyone who dates before they have a car deals with very similar situations.

    And your comment to the others: "Should I text her saying did she have a good night?" - why even put her in the position of evaluating how the night went? If >you< had a good time with her say so, and tell her that you hope you can get together again soon.

  • I don't tell my parents everything so I defiantly wouldn't hug or kiss my boyfriend in front of them ( if I had one )

    • Well I would wait to see how serious things were and what not

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    • That should be fine :-)

    • I agree with you. Totally agree. Actually I would even take it a step further I would not even look at the girl because I don't want them to know about things which are not there business. I would like to have some privacy a personal life devoid of everything except of what I want to be included.

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