Cheap date ideas?

My girlfriend's in college and she's a little low on money. I have no problem paying for dates but I don't want her feeling bad that she always has to depend on me so I was looking for inexpensive things to do with her. We're still early in the dating process and she's really shy if that helps. I prefer things that gives us something to talk about such as playing mini-golf and such as opposed to walking in the park. Also we live in Montana so it's getting a bit cold to do some outdoor things and obviously walks on the beach and such are out of the question. Thanks for the suggestions!


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  • A brisk walk in the woods is always cheap and always nice. Plus it's getting cold like you mentioned so cuddles are a must :p

    I don't know if you own horses or know someone who does but horseback riding (if you have free/cheap access to them) is always a blast - you don't even have to really know what you're doing.

    Apple picking

    A camp fire at night?


    Go clay bird shooting

    Not sure what your interests are but I would be over the moon if my boyfriend and I did any of those things.

  • are movie theaters ok? :D


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