How does online dating work? I'm on OKcupid right now.

I haven't had much luck. I've removed my profile. I don't know if it's my profile or how I respond. I'm thinking girls are so picky that finickiness is why they are on the sites. Can you tell me how to create a profile and what to say to them in order date these girls if really works.


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  • its sort of a numbers game , mean if you message a whole bunch of girls and have a descent profile eventually someone is going to write back . I've never used OK cupid myself so not sure now that site works . but to have a good profile you need some good pictures , good about me and make it clear to girl reading it what your looking for / want from a relationship

  • Message a vast number of women. On average 10% will reply, of that 10% half of them will likely never reply again after the first response. My advice is have at least 3 pictures, one indoors of just yourself, a 2nd picture of you outside doing something fun so women think you are exciting. Then the third picture should be an extra of one of the two.