How do you deal with girls who already have boyfriends?

So I just got this really cute girls number who already has a boyfriend. I like to think that as long as she doesn't have a ring on her finger, she's still game. However, I will still respect the fact she has a boyfriend.

She said she loves to snowboard, so I got her number for us to shred the slopes sometime. I'm pretty sure her boyfriend might be over protective and get pissed just because I'm spending time with his girl on the slopes. Not to brag, but I'm damn good on a snowboard. Honestly, I make friends all the time on the slopes because I'm an advanced rider. I can ride with anybody, because I hold nobody back.

Anyway, guys how would you deal with my situation? Text her like you normally would with just any girl? Not text her at all? Snowboard with her while she's with a boyfriend?

Girls, I'd appreciate your input too. Thanks for answering in advance.

Geez, I guess this makes me a jerk then. Thanks guys
okay, I understand I should either delete her number or keep her completely as a friend/somebody to snowboard with. I got it. Thanks.


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  • If you are just looking for someone to board with..

    Text her.. be her friend...

    If you are looking/hoping for more...

    If you mean what you say about respecting the fact she has a bf...

    lose her number...


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  • If you want a friend to snowboard with, then great. But if you have plans on pursuing her, don't. If she really likes her boyfriend, it would be a very awkward situation. Especially since you already know she's taken.

    Also, if you really did pursue her and she would break up with her boyfriend to be with you, I'd see it as a red flag. She could just as easily break up with you when some other guy comes along and sweeps her off her feet. Not trustworthy enough, in that situation.

    My advice is to be her friend. Don't pursue her.

  • really? are you desperate enough to go for someones gf? if she gave you her number how would you feel if she was your girlfriend and gave some other dude her number,first of all she is wrong,and secondly you would be wrong as well for stepping over boundaries, not having a ring doesn't mean she is open range, she has a boyfriend so she is not free game , respect others. get your own girlfriend especially since you say you make friends all the time.put yourself in the other guys shoes..would you like it?

    • Believe me, I can get any girls number I want. I'm never desperate. My plan is to treat her like a friend, and not pursue her like any other girl. This way, I'm not disrespecting her boyfriend. Just because she has a boyfriend doesn't necessarily mean that she's off limits for having guy friends. She always had the option to say no, if she felt uncomfortable to do so.

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    • you wish you knew what my age was about,u have no right to attack me because you asked for different opinions...u don't have to like my opinion but you did ask...if you re read what you wrote there's conflicting info..u say you don't want her but then say she is fair game...make up your mind..u ain't that much of a stud by the way.

    • lady, you're the one who said I need to get my own girlfriend. As you may tell, I'm looking. Make up my mind you say? lol, let me explain the process of change in life. It happens. Example, working on homework. You'll think you're right at first, then you'll realize you're wrong so you erase your answer and correct it. I didn't know she had a boyfriend until she mentioned him after I asked for her number. I'm a bada** stud. Again, you think you know who I am? haha!

  • I strongly suggest you don't try to pursue her. Sure, nothing can stop you if you really want something...but at the end of the day she's taken and if you nudge this you'll be unfolding lots of pain for the 3 of you.

    Taking that aside, I wouldn't trust a girl that gives a guy her number when she already has a boyfriend. Seems shady.. and even if you got her in the end, it's likely she'll pull the same on you.

  • Just treat her like a friend maybe even invite her boyfriend to come by.

  • Seems like you'd just be wasting your time, to be honest. Go for someone who's single so you're not banking everything on her breaking up with her boyfriend.

    • I'm not "banking", I'm seeing other girls too. What's wrong with having more people to snowboard with? boy or girl with gfs or bfs?

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  • You don't deal with it, you leave them alone you prick.

    • what's wrong with finding more people to snowboard with? whether they are a boy or girl who are taken or not? that's the reason why we exchanged numbers in the first place.

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    • He is in a game he isn’t even aware of, he is being played by the game itself, but he thinks he is “the player”

      Nobody wins in this game everyone loses.

    • I can tell you had a girlfriend who cheated on you, am I right? lol

  • Uh well she is clearly acting stupid. If she has a boyfriend she shouldn't be giving out her number.. And you realyl shouldn't "deal" with girls who have boyfriends. Not too sure what you meant by that.

  • When a girl is dating a man she is that mans property. Think about it like a 200$ watch, are you going to steal that watch just because he left it a little loose on his wrist? No. If you have no intentions of defiling, even if it has already been defiled, property then go for it... However if you have even the smallest hope of defiling his property then leave now and never contact again.

  • Im a guy and I think you're an a**hole.

    • lol, I'm an a**hole because I'm finding more people to snowboard with?

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    • I understand what you mean. I now know that it's wrong of me IF I hit on her while shredding the slopes with her. I was unsure of how to deal with this situation, which is why I asked this question. I now know what's right and what's wrong. Helpful answers that will guide me. I'm human buddy, even I make mistakes too. So maybe next time before you start calling the other guy an a**hole, you'll maybe step back and understand WHY they are asking the question in the first place?

    • but yet you insult "my age group" 50 year olds don't need Viagra...u have it all twisted...