Do you believe in dating in high school? Why or why not?

What's the point of dating in high school? The chances of you staying together is rare once you graduate. Unless you go to the same college or live in nearby towns, graduating is going to put a strain on the relationship. Relationships are hard as it is for adults to maintain, so the chances of two hormonal teenagers figuring out how to balance a healthy relationship with the rest of their life is rare. I've tried dating in high school and it blew up in my face. Since that one guy the closest I got to "dating" again was an awkward more-than-friends-but-not-dating point. I don't think I'll ever be ready to date again in high school. I don't understand how others do it. With school and extracurriculars, work and family I don't see how people can have the extra energy or time for relationships. So what do you think of dating in high school? Is it good or bad? Is it worth it? What are your experiences?


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  • I used to think it wasn't until I started dating my beautiful girlfriend Emily. We both were kids that wanted a real relationship and not just sex. We had many similar qualities being athletes, intelligent and shy. We were both each others' first relationships and we are getting along fine. The great thing is we are both LEARNING. Obviously, high school relationships usually don't last. That isn't the point, the point to discover dating, who you are and what you like. Our relationship provides both of us a lot of stress relief and happiness everyday. Yes, we both don't get to see each other often, only like 10 minutes a day max and a couple of hours on the weekend. But we KiK message for an hour on and off every night and it really brightens my day. The sad part is eventually we must break up because I'm a senior and she is a sophomore. Once I go to college, I won't be able to have enough time or close enough distance to be with her. However, we are both okay with this fact, and only want to enjoy the time we have now.

    • Awee that's really cute. I'm glad you guys found each other and are making the best out of the time that you have together.

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  • Yes it's worth dating in high school. You never know when you're going to find your one and only. Take a chance on love.