He has a girlfriend. Help!

I've liked this dude since I was 16 and I'm now 19 and he has had this girlfriend for 2 years. But he has just showed some interested in me and calls me beautiful and stuff like that then when I seen him at school he kissed me, I wasn't expecting it either. We live in Oklahoma and his girl goes to college in Dakota. I don't think he know I know he has a girlfriend. I feel bad about it but not enough to stop. I really like him tho. do you think he will break up with her or no. I know karma is going to bite e in the ass for this. I mean he doesn't bring up sex or anything like that. he has asked me what type I go for and like I said he kissed me and I know I should just drop him but I just cant! ugh help =!


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  • He is playing you and just wants you as a side chick to just have fun with


What Girls Said 1

  • NO! Do not, I repeat DO NOT go for that guy. No matter how much you like him, not matter how many times he said you're beautiful, YOU. DO. NOT. GO. FOR. THAT. GUY.

    He's cheated on his girlfriend, he will cheat on you, chances are he won't break up with her. You don't wanna be that girl who gets played and hurt at the end. You said it yourself "You don't think, he knows that you know he has a girl" He's straight up playing you.