He stands me up, then texts me a few weeks later as if nothing happened?

So, twice now this guy has done this. We'll make plans, and he'll be so enthusiastic about them. I'll always ask if he's busy that day or anything, and he'll say no, and we'll decide to hang out.

Then, the day before he'll disappear completely. And I won't hear from him for about two weeks, then he'll text me like "Hey!" as if nothing happened! The last time he did this on my birthday and I was really mad so I sent him a text going off about it, thinking he would never want to talk to me again. And he texts me a few weeks later like "Hey!"

Why does he do this? Should I bring that up to him when I break off communication, or just never talk to him again?


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  • It seems like he doesn't really care how you feel when he acts like this, or he doesn't like confrontation and hopes that you'll have forgiven him by the time he says "hey" again.

    I suggest you confront him with his behavior . Like if you make plans, I would text him the day we met up something like "see you tonight!" and if he doesn't answer and doesn't show up, call him the day itself. Ask him why he's not there, and why he didn't bother to let you know he wouldn't make it. He needs to know this behavior isn't okay. Or when he pulls his disappearing trick again, text him and ask him why he's hiding and not explaining why he disappears. Let him know that this needs to change because you're not taking it anymore.

    • on my birthday I did the whole texting him and asking him if he was coming etc, and he just ignored it! Like how can someone do that and not even feel guilty? Ugh. But I'll definitely confront him. I've been sitting on his unanswered text for hours lol

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    • I confronted him and he said "I'm really sorry. Let me make it up to you" I'm not sure how I feel about it though lol

    • Confront him again, if he tells you he'll make it up to you, tell him that you just want that behavior to stop, no "making up"


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  • He is either playing hard to get or stringing you along. Either way, you should say goodbye.

  • he's playing hard to get and doesn't want to seem desperate. women don't like desperate guys

    • Why for so long though? He's been doing this for almost four months now, and we've yet to actually follow through with plans because of it.

    • he wants to keep you interested just like women do men.

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  • Smh.Sometimes people need to feel it to learn it.

    Do the same thing to him. Next time plans are made, ignore him.

    Honest ly, I'd dump him.

  • Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I wouldn't bother with a third time. I find being late for a date disrespectful let alone blowing someone off not once but twice.

    • Same here! Being late or blowing me off are my two biggest pet peeves and I always thought I was the only one, or two dramatic about it