Called her after first "date," but she didn't answer?

I'm in college. I hung out with a girl yesterday for 2 hours. Just talked and joked around a -lot-, it was really awesome. We're both a little introverted so it can be hard to know if she likes me, but she laughed and smiled at everything I said and we literally talked for 2 hours so there has to be something there. At the end I told her it was nice and that we should see a movie soon, and she agreed. I said I'd call her and she seemed excited.

So today, a day later, I called her at around 9. My female friend suggested I do that even though I was kind of feeling like it might not be playing it slow enough. But anyway I was going to ask if she wanted to see a movie on Saturday.

However, she didn't answer, and she didn't have voice mail set up so I couldn't leave one. She posted something to Facebook at the time, so of course I'm thinking she ignored me, bad idea to call so soon, whatever else. But do you think it's alright? I see her tomorrow in class so I'm not sure if it's something to bring up or not, since its my first time seeing her since our really awesome hang-out.

I'm starting to wonder if it's clear that I'm too anxious or stressed to get into anything like this, which is honestly kinda disappointing.


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  • not at all..message her in private on Facebook to tell her you tried to call her

    • It's probably a little later to message her saying I called, it was nearly 3 hours ago. Should I just want and tell her in person tomorrow? Glad you at least think it's okay, I really haven't had to deal with non-communication before

    • so what it the latest?


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  • LOL I love it when men have the opportunity to see what we as women have to deal with. It could be that she is busy because she has a life. She is a college student after all. Maybe she is sleeping. Give her time. As a man you have this natural tendency to what things at your convenience but it doesn't always work that way. She is not obligated to call you back even within the same day. Let her breathe.

  • Maybe you can message her on Facebook. I don't think that she is ignoring you maybe Just busy.

  • Oh I'm sorry. Maybe she is just busy or she is not interested and just afraid of telling you

    • It wouldn't really make sense for her to talk for two hours and laugh and ask me questions about myself if she wasn't interested, would it? I guess I'm riding on it just her being busy

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