Should I text him first? Guys please

I am super short. This guy who is around 5'7 (I'm 4'8) says he liked me over askfm and kiked me. In school I'm not exactly cool but this guy is. He said he likes me but doesn't really know because his friends will judge him or whatever. We've been texting for a few days and suddenly he just stopped. It's been 3 days. Is he uninterested? Or busy? Should I text him first? Help! Thanks.


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  • You can try sending a brief casual text along the lines of "S'up?" or "Yo" OR try sending something funny.

    My experience is that the majority of the time when someone stops communicating they are uninterested, but, still, a minority of the time they are busy or a bad circumstance arose.

    I have to say, though, I find myself pretty offended that he said to you his friends might judge him adversely for liking you. If you were to get involved with this guy, he would need to know that you will not stand for being thought of as less.


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  • If you can't text a guy first you can't handle dating.

  • Text him but not too much just ask him what's up and see how he reacts. I love short girls makes me feel great.


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