Would you date a girl who was bigger than you?

There is this guy that I really like and I've been told he likes me too. Plus he acts like it a lot. He's like 6'1 and average build. He's not chubby at all, but he's not super skinny either. I'm 5'7, but I guess you could describe me as more than chubby or curvy. I really do want to believe that he likes me, but I keep trying to convince myself that he doesn't. It's always out there that the bigger girls don't get the skinny or average build guy. Every time I have a crush on a guy even my parents are telling me to try and find someone who would be more "suitable" for me. I also have never had a guy act like this around me before. I know that it depends on the guy and what his preferences are. I'm just wondering if you would ever date a girl that was bigger than you? Is it possible that he really does like me?


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  • Anyone can be suitable for you. Don't listen to the negative comments from family and friends. If you like someone you just have to take a chance, and see if it happens. I for one would date any girl, because if we click then we click and that's just how it works.

  • Your parents are awful, lol. And that's sort of my situ, like I am your guys size and the girl I like is like you, so of course it's possible


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