What is going on with him?

I've been seeing this guy now for about two months and we are literally best friends, we tell each other every thing to the point where I know his deepest darkest secret. he messages me from the moment he wakes up and leaves me with loads of kisses (eg xxxx) when he is going to bed, he never fails to message me every day and gets worried if I don't reply, or if he knows I'm going to a party that he isn't going too he will ask me to send him a text when I get home so he knows I'm safe, he cares so much about me but says he doesn't want a relationship. I'm so confused as to what's going on, will he change his mind over time or is he just using me? please help! is there anything I can do to prove to him that I would be a worthy girlfriend?


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  • He is wasting your time.. He most probably is committed but is unsure, so keeping you as a backup.. and to prevent you from straying away, all this affection must be given.. be friends with him, but find a boyfriend. if this guy convinces you to break up, forget him and stay with your new boyfriend.


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  • He likes you but he is not able to accept it. He is in anxiety and not sure about relationship. He is simply running from the consequences of love and relationship. He wants to play with you like a friend, but he doesn't hv those guts required for a man. Who can love u, who can say he is in love. He is not right guy, though he is good for you , but gals always like confident guys. He is not for you. take care. mark_acealps@yahoo.com


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  • the only way he will realize you are a worthy girl is when he thinks he lost u,find a boy to hang out w,that will stir things up a little