I don't understand this at all!! What did I do wrong?

I was in a dating forum, there is this guy whining left and right on how he has zero luck on dating sites. I told him he needs to stop the whinning, man up and find other ways to meet people I.E meetup.com,volunterr work, take classes etc..

Next thing I know, he sent me an email, he accused me of following him in the forums and started calling me names. How was I following him? How do you follow someone in the forums anyway? I got better stuff to do


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  • Some people don't LIKE hearing the truth. It happens here on Gag all the time. If you tell them they need to lose weight, they get all upset and call you names, report you, and so forth.

    It's even more extreme in 'real life', of course, as you discovered at this forum. You gave him good advice, but he was hoping for a magic potion, rather than something that would take him a lot of effort.So, naturally, he got angry with you. he didn't WANT to hear abut joining clubs and doing volunteer work; that is WORK, after all.

    He wants to be told about some easy but sure-fire solution.


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  • Only if I like their advice they give, if not I don't bother, I don't stalk that person, but I just follow their advice sometimes. And as far as this guy accusing you, just block him that way he can't say you're following him.


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  • Beta guys really hate when you point out their flaws.