What up with him, is he jealous or douchey?

I dated this guy, and things ended up not working out because I wanted him to only date me and he didn't want to be exclusive. This past weekend he was in the same area as me, and asked if I wanted to hang out. I told him that I was dating someone and at first he said "Poor you to choose them over me." I told him that I liked the guy I was dating, and that he was a good guy. Then he replied "Not as good as me. But yeah. If he was you wouldn't be texting me at 1:30 a.m." Do you think he was jealous or just being a douche?


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  • Yes I think he is really jealous. He is just trying to play it cool and act overly confident. However, it's not the right way to get a girl. If he really likes you he might notice something is wrong with his attitude and might try to change.

  • He's a douche. If he liked you he would make you his gf