Ladies, would you date a military man?

I was having this discussion with some of my friends yesterday my one friend has a boyfriend of 5 years that is now in the military and she is struggling with it. And then we got a talkin' about it so I personally probably would be able to date a military man but many say they can't so what is your opinion?


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  • I think it's cause they are gone for so long and your time is so limited with them. I know someone in the military and honestly, I think he married someone who is also in the military so they are suited for each other.

    I think the problem is that a lot of girls find military guys to be "sexy" and "dominant" but when it comes down to it, you can't really spend much time with them. I see this problem with a lot of women, the things they want from a lot of guys they seek, they struggle putting up with the responsibilities that come with the bonuses. Like if the guy has a really good body, she gets mad if he spends his time at the gym. If the guy has a lot of money, he spends too much time at his job. The list goes on.


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  • Ladies would you date a military man?

    Yes if he fit my criteria him being military would likely be more suitable to my tastes as his deploying would be ideal as it'd be easier for me to look for what I see as better replacements when I tire of him unlike with non military guys who tend to be a bit of an obstacle when I look for their replacements.

  • I would, but I think him being away for so long would be really hard to deal with.

  • Yeah they tend to be good looking on average.