How can you tell whether a guy is just dating your for fun or if he's serious about you?

And if he's serious about you guys being together, does he usually talk to his friends about you?


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  • You could ask, but in the end it's about what he does rather than what he says. When you say serious, what does that mean to you?

    A lot of people try to categorize relationships rather than just enjoying them at whatever level they are or trying to change them to something they want.

    Are you satisfied with your current interactions? If so, great. If not, you might want to let him know what you need from him in a way that's positive.

    Sort of a "I really like you, and I hope you feel the same" kind of thing.

    Be prepared that his image of your relationship might not be the same as yours. That's either going to be acceptable or not. You won't be able to force him to feel more or less than he does. Wouldn't be good to try anyway. :-)


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  • depends on how long you two are together but hopefully he'll talk about how he feels for you, talk about the future of you two, probably talk to you about being exclusive, and of course if he is willing to wait to have sex until you two know each other well


  • A famous quote, "The heart is desparately wicked. Who can know it?"

    Its hard to say what a man devises in his mind or heart. But the social standard I am aware of is if you met his parents and were introduced as a girlfriend then you're something real in his life.

  • It depends.

    Yes he might tell his friends he's talking to someone, but he won't like go deep into it, incase it doesn't work out. But he might say yes he's "talking" to someone. That means he's interested in someone.

    IF he's really into you, he will ask to spend time with you, aka dates and what not. And he will be into getting to know you, then just trying to seduce you and get into your pants.

    You Got it now? lol

  • You can't. Period.


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