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Okay so I have a hard time approaching random women and getting dates. I have happened to get dates with women that I have seen a few times all of them have said that I am very handsome, intelligent, interesting and funny. Then after they go out on about three dates with me it is like they just disappear. Most of the times on the third date they through just asking me they find out I am a homebody, virgin and never had a girlfriend. I don't know how that changes me before they knew that. When we were hanging out and talking before I was good, then after that it is like ummm no, like I am some type of leaper. Just not understanding this, so far this has happened to me with five different girls (just happened to be all the girls I have dated).


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  • I'm going to be honest here, that's not the most attractive features a man can have, because it makes you seem a little like a "weirdo" (I'm not trying to be rude here), and that's because you are different than most guys, but it's not necessarily a bad thing, that's just the way you are and you deserve to be with a woman that likes you for who you really are. Most guys that have never had girlfriends or are virgins tend to be clingy and fall in love to quickly, so if a girl is not interested in a serious relationship, this won't be attractive. The important thing here is if you want a serious relationship or don't, depending on that, this would be my advise: If you want a serious relationship, continue to be honest and tell girls about it, if they really like you for you this won't be an inconvenient and they would understand. If you are just looking for fun, then this is not something you need to share with girls, considering you've already seen the effect this has on them and just enjoy a few dates with them. Best of lucks to you!


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  • Why do you tell them that you're a virgin and never had a gf? That's not something you're obligated to volunteer.

    • Yea I would keep that info to myself for awhile, lie if you have to. Come clean later when they've gotten to know you. When a guy has never had a girlfriend women think that there's something wrong with him.

  • when you say homebody do you mean jobless and on benefits or living with parents or just introverted and prefer to spend free time at home? they might be confusing what you mean by that and think you're lazy and sponging off the government if its number one or are seriously dependant on your parents if number 2

    • just prefer to spend my free time at home.

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