First date, does he like me?

(hes 22 I'm 19) . . So I went on a date lastnight with a guy I met 8 months ago we would talk once in awhile and we would hangout every now and then because we had mutual friends he would flirt with me through Facebook but wouldn't talk to me in person we danced at 2 parties not bump and grind but the slow dancing kind . . & he invited me to go out on a late birthday date , the date went good we were both nervous but got to know each other after the date he dropped me off and gave me a hug he let go slowly and looked at me I don't know if he was expecting a kiss? But I said "thanks I had fun" & he said that we should hangout again & I said yeah that sounds good he texted me like an hour or so after he dropped me off then my friend texted me to go on Facebook to look at his status and he posted "A Girl that Appreciates , Shows Respect , Keeps it G & Holds Doen A Steady Convo Now that's Wussup (:" so is that a good sign ?


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  • Yeah that's good seems like he's really into you


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  • that's a great sign :)