Does this sound like a rebound to you?

how rare is that you date 3 girls, all with the same month and almost the same date as your ex girlfriend? the girls birthday are July 11th, July 13th, and his ex birthday is July 30th. one of the girls was a rebound for a year and a half. the 13th of July was the sideline chick while he was with the girl birthday that was on the 11th. his ex birthday is on the 30th. right after they broke up he found 2 girls with the same birthday month. one of them sound like her and one of them favor her. he dated 3 girls total that has the month of July.


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  • I'm not sure what your fixation on the birthdays is about, the fact that they're so close together is probably just coincidental. Also, if he was with a girl for a year and a half then she wasn't a rebound but he also wasn't too serious about her if he's talking to other girls at the same time. As for the girl who sounds like his ex, she's most likely a rebound.


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  • I don't really get the point with the birthdates (same as in your other question).

    The fact is that he's not really into your friend, considering what you wrote in the other question, and probably considering to dump her or playing the poly card.

    • every girl he talk to has the birth month of July and I said the same thing

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    • That's not what I said. I said that the guy is talking to other women, probably in order to meet up. Might it be the ex-gf or someone else, the effect is the same, your friend is probably about to get dumped.

    • thats what I told her

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  • HE Is a guy no way he put all that birthday crap together that's just way too much thinking. Maybe he just has a chemistry with cancers?