What would you do if your S.O. told you that you're an "exception" to what they normally date?

Alright I'm at my girlfriend's place enjoying a evening with her and all of a sudden her friend comes over crying about her boyfriend. She tell my girlfriend that her boyfriend said some pretty offensive things to her about her race. She said that her boyfriend told her that he normally doesn't date black women (he's white) and that he made a exception because she looks "exotic" (she's black mixed with Latino) . Also she tells us how he always has something negative to say about minorities especially blacks. She says her last boyfriend was like that too but not as offensive as this current guy . She said that she grew up in a predominantly white area and she always went for white guys because of the stereotypes of black and Latino men , but now realizes there's a**holes and bad types in every race. She 's considering breaking up with this current guy and she asked us did race matter to me and my girl (she's white I'm black) and we both told her that we didn't see color and that was the last thing on our minds when we first laid eyes on each other, and we both told her that we would never date someone who saw us as a "exception" and she shouldn't either, but we also told her it's really up to her to decide.

So what about you GAGers ? Would you?


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  • I can see where he probably thought he was telling her a compliment. The whole, "You are just so perfect" type line. But I'd be furious. I'd probably tell him to go back to his usual and then high tail it out of the relationship.


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  • I agree with everything you told her, she shouldn't feel that her background is something to be ashamed of, she sounds like a beautiful mix and could probably get someone who loves her for all she is.

  • I'd feel awkward and likely end it with them.


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