How does this Craigslist policy sound?

I sell a lot of things on Craiglist... The idiot flakes make me want to smash whatever I am trying to sell them and leave it on their doorstep... anyways here's the rough draft of my policy


I have an open schedule, YOU ARRANGE THE TIME AND DATE TO MEET. BUT IF YOU BAIL ON THE ORIGINAL ARRANGMENT I WILL NOT CONTACT YOU AGAIN. I AM TIRED OF GETTING THE RUN AROUND WITH FLAKES, YOU EITHER WANT THE ITEM OR YOU DO NOT. IF YOU NEED MORE PHOTOS OR A BETTER DESCRIPTION I WILL GLADY SEND THOSE TO YOU. I only communicate through email (I don't want to waste phone minutes), but before you drive out to the meet up location please give me a call to confirm. I will send my number via email after we have confirmed our (one and only) time to meet. I am strict but I also have some of the best deals on this site, if you don't like it please buy from someone else. In your first email please state the soonest exact date you can meet (date and time), I will confirm this, send my number. Don't call me until just before you are ready to meet up, Over the phone I will give you my address, get your directions from one of the many sites such as Google maps that will give you free and accurate directions. YAY internet! Have a beautiful day, check your car for maintenance problems, brush your teeth. Don't eat right before bed. Hug your grandma" OK there are some jokes in there... but what do you think of a policy in general and how does mine sound? Thanks.

I also want to add "we are not friends, don't tell me about your family issues, financial issues, the fact you are a single mom, plans for the weekend or what happened at work." LOL


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  • Here's a solution: Arrange it so that you meet 3 potential buys in the same 2 hour period: that way it's their loss of time and not yours. If the item is expensive and you don't have too many buys, tell them that the product is only available while supplies last.


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  • rude, inappropriate and so much more

    • the last part was a joke... I'm not including it. lol

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    • that's the thing I'm not a profession, it's not a retail store

    • I know, but that doesn't mean you should make it a goal to sound as unprofessional as you possibly can

  • Why not try to work through amazon ? With my experience craigslist is the land of the flakes.

  • You sound somewhat cold and unfriendly.. if you're trying to weed out people from buying things from you then this should do the job perfectly.