I don't know how to cure heartache

I am in my mid to late 30s and very new to dating. I'm not as experienced as my contemporaries. However, I was seeing this guy who suddenly disappeared and I don't really know how to get over it. I don't know the reason he went "POOF!", however, I do know we were having a good time before he did. I have tried looking in other places for dates and I'm not finding anyone I would have anything in common with. This might be because the guy I am referring to was the man of my dreams and I can't seem to shake this one experience. I need help! Thanks.


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  • perhaps the man of your dreams was really a dud

    it sounds like it was all in your head.

    If everything is going great with a nice woman...why leave?

    I don't buy that he was.

    Time cures heartache

    as well as:

    good living is the best...eat and exercise

    self improvement builds self esteem and your outlook

    Learn to give up the weight of stress.

    Let things go. it's not really that important to be in a relationship

    It doesn't define who we are.

    good luck

    • Sorry but its important to me because I'm 37 years old and never been in a relationship

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  • Sorry to hear that girl! Time will help you to forget the pain! Time will come you will no longer feel the pain, just happy memories about him! We all experienced heartaches in different ways! Be tough!