Did I mess up? And where did I go wrong?

There was a girl from one of my classes, that I had been talking to for a few weeks, and I felt like I kept missing hints from her that she liked me, so I finally worked up the nerve to ask her out. She said yes, and we met up for coffee. I felt that it went well and she gave me her number.

Here's where I think I went wrong: I texted her number shortly after, thinking that I should do it so that she would have mine, but perhaps I should have waited.

After the weekend, she was not in class yesterday and so I can't help but feel like she was avoiding me. I was tempted to text her, but then figured I should' t seem so desperate, and didn't.

Do you think it was that big of a deal that I texted her so soon? it was only one text. And just in general what are your thoughts/advice on the situation? Thanks


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  • That's not a big deal at all. Usually when I give guys my number, they text me really soon, and it's not off-putting or anything.

    Just relax and give it some time. Unless the text you sent was super creepy, I seriously doubt she's avoiding you. There are a million reasons she might've missed class, you know? So yeah, don't worry. :)


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  • Most guys text right away if I give them my.number. so.I have theirs. She may have been ill. I wouldn't worry. Maybe sending a hope you OK, or something like that will be OK. Then see how she is in class. Like someone said here. Go with the flow... :-)

  • There is nothing wrong with sending her a text as soon as you did. Maybe she's just also taking her time. It will be nice if you will talk to her personally and ask if you're still good as friends, and don't make her feel rush.

  • Nah its cool don't worry about it just take it easy and go with the flow.


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