Maybe I should try online dating?

I'm in my mid-20s and am attending a post-graduate institution. I recently got out of a relationship, and despite being on a campus full of girls, I'm not quite sure how to meet them. In my department, there are a couple of single girls whom I'd be interested in, but I don't think they're interested in me. I'd like to venture out, but I'm a little befuddled on how to go about it.

Ideally, I would just like to chat up a girl in a cafe or a bookstore and see what goes from there, but that all seems rare and random. And a lot of the parties or bar nights that I go to are just full of people in my social circle.

I would like to perhaps give online dating a shot, but it seems a little depressing to me. Plus, I've read a few studies that show how racially prejudiced women can be on these sites. Basically, most of them are only looking for White men, even the minority women. I'm not a White guy, so I'm thinking that this will be a dead-end endeavour.

Maybe I should just take this opportunity to experiment with how girls react when I just chat them up in real life. My last relationship was a great one, and it really boosted my confidence. I don't want to squander it by going online and receiving silence on a tilted playing field.

Any thoughts?


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  • I can totally relate to how you feel regarding the on-line dating. I tried that a few years ago and most of the women, if they reply at all, just like the attention, etc which they get from a ton of guys. I truly think most of the on-line aren't even looking for romance but just to see if they are still attractive to guys.

    My advice: Do speed dating. I tried it twice and loved it. It was quick, I met someone both times I went and dated one for several months and hooked up with the other one. Speed dating is great for obvious reasons, they see you in person, know your single, and despite the very brief conversation you have with her, you get a sense of chemistry and attraction. plus its pretty fun. most places give you a free drink at the venue, and it's relatively inexpensive 12-15 bucks. Give it a try man. Speed dating is where it's at. You can go with a single buddy if you feel awkward or there are always single events where you can just mingle with other singles. I did this once or twice as well with a buddy who was single and did not want to go alone. The dynamic is a little different and most of the girls stick with themselves and I did not care for it. Speed dating on the other hand was good for me. I would give it a try. You got nothing to loose. Just google speed dating and the area you live in. good luck.


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  • You don't have to message anyone when you have a profile. You can just leave it up and take incoming messages, granted they'll be rare. However, some women who aren't snobs like a lot of girls online are do take initiative and make the first move online. I've had it happen several times. The sites have ways to try to encourage interaction but sending matches to emails and such.

    You honestly have nothing to lose just by making the profile. Just don't sit there and message tons of girls all day. Work on making the profile good instead. So many guys have crappy profiles and go around messaging girls wondering why they don't reply. Make the profile not too short but not too long and word it in a way that's you but selling yourself. Also get good photos. Photos are critical. If you have a buncha bathroom selfies you won't get anywhere.

  • i'd say there should be options on campus if there is lots of girls there , you just need to take the initiative to try and meet them , there is nothing to lose by trying to start up a conversation with random girl if your interested in her ? I think the best options are on campus , that's where I'd look

    honestly I've tried online dating and the options there way less and not nearly as good is what was on campus when I went to college , girls at college way more interesting and better looking than what is available and will actually reply online

  • Idk know how you you broke up with you last girlfriend but normally going after her friends is a givin. If you banged her right then she told her friends meaning her friends want to bang you.

    Online dating may work for some but you probably have to be the hottest guy on the site. Just go talk to whom ever you find attractive. Get to hang out with her and her friends. You chill out with women your chances of getting laid or way higher.

  • Well at least you are somewhat successful in life