Why do the large majority of women not want an equal relationship?

Almost all of them want to be treated better than they treat the guy. I mean they want the guy to pay for most or all of the dates, drive to all of the dates, plan all of the dates while she does close to nothing. It seems like all most girls do is just tag along. How do I find a women who wants an equal relationship ?


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  • In my experience yes you're right. They are rare. They want equality when it suits them, but not when it doesn't lol.


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  • The funny thing is, most of the time that I've ever been dates or had a boyfriend for that matter, it seemed like the guy *wait for it...* wanted to pay! Did you maybe think that perhaps some guys enjoy treating their lady to a date or meal? Probably not. I always offer to pay and usually the answer is "no". Even with a past boyfriend who didn't even have a job. He would always insist and say that he likes it. So please don't assume that most guys walk around being forced to pay. That's not the notion at all. It appears as if some guys genuinely just like it and sorry but if a guy is going to keep offering, then I'm not going to be rude and start a fight over it. I don't know any girl in my personal life who would demand for a guy to pay on a date either. As for driving, I don't have a licence yet but I always offer to pay my part for gas. Once again, the offer has never in my dating history been accepted and I've also never asked a guy to drive me anywhere. Planning, hmmm I actually know very few guys who actually actively kept planning dates. In fact, I left a previous boyfriend because he never took initiative to plan anything, never seemed enthusiastic and never plan dates. I honestly think you're basing your assumptions on personal experience and the conclusion is that you dated sucky women. I can promise you there are many sucky men out there too. So just understand one thing, MOST women aren't like you described. You just seem to have unfortunate luck or seem to go for the wrong kind of women, which is not really our fault...

  • Why do the large majority of women not want an equal relationship?

    Likely for the same reason that a large majority of guys do not want an equal relationship and want to be treated better than they treat the gal and want to be the leader/dominate on aka wear the pants. That reason being I find people tend to want to be superior to another.

    How do I find a women who wants an equal relationship ?

    Possibly finding a feminist as in my observations most feminists split the bill or trade off on paying for the date entirely and are quite eager to plan the date. However most likely you mean a gal that wants an equal relationship in the areas you want as I doubt you want an equal relationship as I find most guys only talk about equality when it comes to paying/planning for dates or pretty much paying for anything. Guys seem to want equal financial while they are still the leader/in charge.

    • i really want everything to be equal in all areas of the relationship. It doesn't have to be perfectly 50/50 but close enough to where the other one doesn't feel like they are putting way more effort than the other person

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    • I don't want to be the superior one in the relationship. I don't know if wanting everything 50/50 is too much to ask for or what

    • It's not too much to ask for depending on who you're willing to date. Quite a lot of guys I know are in 50/50 or close enough to 50/50 relationships. I find for guys their options tend to be superior one in the relationship, 50/50 relationship, close to 50/50 relationship, and lastly and usually less common inferior one in the relationship.

  • I always split the check. Maybe not on the first date,but on every date after. And if the guy doesn't want me to pay for dinner,than I'll pay for the movie ticket or ice cream. I HATE depending on someone and always having the feeling like I owe them something. Just the thought of being someones arm candy and depending on them for the rest of my life gives me goose bumps lol

  • you don't like it, stay single or find a feminist. everyone is different.

  • The saying goes:

    "You ask, you pay"

    • You do know 99% of women don't ask for dates and if a guy never asked for a date he would be single his whole life. that's just another way to say a guy pays. I've never understood why girls are so cheap

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    • And you know this how?

    • From all the relationships that my friends have been in and talked about

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  • So just use girls that try to use you. If they want to use you for money, tap it and walk. If she wants to be a prosti so be it. If you meet a woman that will do right by you keep her in your life.