Why Doesn't he Believe me?

I met and started dating a guy that I knew was moving 3 months later. We agreed to keep it light. Well, that didn't happen. We became very attached. When he left, we made flight reservations for me to go visit him. A week before I was to go, I had to unexpectedly cancel(I got a new job that I needed desperately), and every since then, he has been hateful to me or he ignores me completely. He said he can't believe I took a stupid job over him. I have tried to reschedule the flight but he will not commit to a date for me to come. He says I'll probably just cancel again. He is 48 and I'm 43. We aren't kids and I feel he is being childish. Is he trying to break things off or is he really hurt? I don't know what to do because I love him and my heart tells me he loves me. I don't want these foolish games though.


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  • It is tough to get a job right now, he should be happy you have a job and are doing well. Try explaining to him if you can why you needed the job and how much better it is having this new job. And that you hated to cancel but jobs that we want don't come available very often. So congratulations to you! If he still is upset forget about him because he should be happy that you are happy.

    • Thank you for BA. I hope your new job is going well and that YOU are happy!


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  • He's being immature, he should be understanding that you needed the job and put himself in your position. I would say try to reschedule and tell him that you rescheduled and if he really doesn't care then I would say he's not worth your time.

  • well he's controliing and insecure so he deosnt want you having a life or the opportunity to hang out with hot guys

    • I think he is controlling after all that! Goodness I have to support my family! Thank you.