Girls, do you get more picky about dating a guy as you get older?

Or is it the opposite way around? Like what do you get picky about, and at what point when you first meet a new guy do you start thinking about having a relationship with a guy as opposed to just hooking up and doing him? like what makes him boyfriend material worthy vs. just like I want to F him? Like what signals or what things do you say to a guy you just want to F as opposed to a guy like oh I want him to be my BF?


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  • Based on observation, I'd say we get less picky.

    I'm still picky as hell, but I've been with my boyfriend since I was 14 and I was very picky about him :p

    But my friend recently went through a break up and her standards dropped significantly when she realized that at 19 years of age and a sophomore in college, the chance of finding a virgin who doesn't party, smoke, or drink, and who has the academic standards she looks for drops significantly.

    • why does she want a virgin. I didn't think girls wanted a virgin guy but an experienced one.

    • She and I both are saving ourselves for marriage. What's the problem with expecting our future spouses to do the same? Besides (personal opinion) usedd***in my vagina grosses me out. Why would I want ad***that's been in another vagina in mine?


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  • In a way, I think I've gotten less picky. When I was younger, I had this idealized image in my head of what I wanted. But as I've gotten older I tend to want to get to know people more and see the good in them, instead of immediately dismissing them.

  • Actually no. Because when its marriage time, guys are far more picky in that department.


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  • I would say yes because it seems like when girls reach like 25 or older that's when they expect a guy to live independently, be in his career job already, have his life together and are looking to settle down and get married