Is wandering around, exploring a good idea for a date?

I've trouble coming up with fresh ideas for dates with my girlfriend. Normally we either go visit attractions, watch movies, or gaming.

But I don't want it to get too stale. Especially since we seem to be doing movies about 3/4 times a month because we've run out of stuff to go to/visit.

So I wanted to maybe try bringing her around parts of the city that we're not familiar with, and just explore the area together. These places aren't very spectacular. We'd be going there just because the area seems interesting and we'd never been there before. And there's maybe an eatery there that's gotten a good review so we'd just be popping by there.

Problem is, since it's somewhere I'm unfamiliar with, and there's not much to do there, we'd be spending most of the time somewhat lost and just wandering around trying to find anything interesting.

Being lost and not having an agenda doesn't seem to be an attractive trait to most girls, so can I assume that this is a bad idea for a date?

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  • I love exploring new places and having adventures. Not a bad idea at all. :) But you can ask her if she'd like to do some exploring. I recommend, though, not to put it down before you know if she'd like it! Sell the heck out of that idea, and definitely focus on the fun exploration-sounding good things you'll be able to do together. No matter where you go, if you have great company by your side, there's no way you can't have fun! :)

    • Thank you. That's true, I should sell it to her first and see if she likes it before I decide further! :)


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  • I think it sounds kinda exciting and fun! Maybe you could take some pictures too and act as if you're in a foreign country or something. :)

  • Personally I'd love it! ha ha though that may just be my personality type, I'm bubbly, adventurous and love being spontaneous! You just have to determine whether your girlfriend is someone like me who would enjoy it or someone a little more reserved and type A who may find it boring or even stressful and annoying.

    • I'm actually the one who's more reserved! Still, I really wanted to try something new with her. Hopefully she'd like it!

  • Sounds adventurous go for it!

  • Sounds ideal! : ) She's lucky to have a boyfriend who's so thoughtful of her experiences.

    • I'm actually the one who's more reserved! Still, I really wanted to try something new with her. Hopefully she'd like it!

  • That sounds like fun! Great way to get to know each other and go on an adventure, I think.

  • If this was one of the initial dates, I would advise against it, but this girl's your girlfriend. She likes your company, and I'm guessing she's pretty comfortable around you. I doubt she has any problem going exploring with you, unless she's not the type to. Can't hurt to ask her. Tell her it'll be an adventure. :) Odds are you guys will have fun. I know I'd enjoy it.

    • Thank you for your encouragement! She seems puzzled about how it would possibly be interesting, but I think she's willing to give it a try!

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