Should a woman hold it against me if I have a legitimate excuse for needing a delay in having a date?

I have an injury/infection on my toe and it is VERY painful for me to walk. The earliest I could get an appointment with the podiatrist was on Monday, and we were supposed to hang out today originally, and I told her it is still too painful, so she said Sunday and I said if I feel okay enough for then. Anyway she did not respond to my text today but I saw she logged on the dating site we met on. I REALLY want to meet her, just it hurts badly and I don't want to risk getting injured really badly by walking a lot on it.


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  • Um...I mean, I'd understand...but the fact that you met online and not in person is going to work against you.

    Maybe someone else can give you a better answer but it really depends on the girl. Some would not understand. It's too bad this is your first date because canceling a first date is going to work against you as well.

    Maybe if you emphasize how badly you wish to meet her?


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  • I personally wouldn't hold it against, but I can see where she might think you're just putting it off and it's not legitimate. Like the other answerer said, meeting online without knowing you personally could make her second guess herself.


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  • If she doesn't understand, she's not worth your time.

    The main way to show you're not trying to play games with her is to offer to reschedule. Don't say "I can't meet with you today." Say "I need to reschedule with you" and that will show that you're willing to meet but you simply have a problem. If she wants to know why then tell her. If you start making excuses it can seem like you're burdening her.