Why do some black men choose to date white woman?

I notice that where I live in the suburbs a lot of black males would rather date white woman rather than their loyal black woman. Nothing wrong with that but is there something wrong with black woman or is there something that white woman have that us black women don't. Also why do white men barely date black woman as much as black men date white woman. They seem to be more loyal to their woman even though are black men seem to have abandoned us?


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  • " but is there something wrong with black woman or is there something that white woman have that us black women don't."

    White women are a prize to black men. Many of them will settle on an ugly, fat white woman because a fat white woman is better than no white woman.

    "Also why do white men barely date black woman as much as black men date white woman."

    White men are not attracted to black women. White men are attracted to Asian and Hispanic/Latin women, but not black. You get a few desperate uggos who claim they'd date a black chick but they usually struggle with their own and use black women as a second choice.

    A lot of black men have self hate issues. The fact is, you RARELY see an Elin Nordegren with a black man. It's more like a Rosie O'Donnell with a black man.

    Just like you rarely see a Liam Hemsworth dating black, Hispanic(non-white) or Asian women. It's usually a Robert DeNiro or Rupert Murdoch.

    Keep in mind that it's not about education and class, because black women are more likely to go to college and receive a degree.

    And NO, a large portion of black women do not have herpes or baby daddies.


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  • Unfair to black women that black men are with white women? If that's the case then do Asian men think it's unfair that most Asian women go for white guys, do they feel abandoned ? I'm a Pacific Islander and I don't feel entitled that pacific island women should want me NO. I personally like black women, Asian women, middle eastern women, Eastern European women and Hispanic women all kinds of women, in no particular order. More importantly the ethnicity of a women is so small of a deciding factor when being compared to the character of a women regardless of her ethnicity. You should find a guy who wants you with no regard to your skin color, because you are only drastically minimizing your dating pool. To say that there is nothing wrong but then to state the next sentence in the manner you did definitely shows that there's something you feel like is wrong.(Did this on an iPhone so there's no personal reason to think I've put an emphasis on certain words that are capitalized just a stupid autocorrect.)

  • Because they are put on a pedestal and are seen as a status symbol. They can't think for themselves. Sorry about that.


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  • "their loyal black woman"? are you serious

  • People love who they want to love! Why are you brining race into this? Seriously like can a poodle not f*** a pug? We are all human so if a black man wants to date a white girl that's cool, same goes for him dating a black girl. People do not have to date within their race? What century are you living in?

    • Lets be mature here it not an insult but I just find it unfair to the black women that they don't have the same luxury of dating out of their race since it is rare for white guy to like a black women. So we really have the short end of the stick. But your right people have the right to date whomever they please.

    • Ive seen plenty of white guys with black girls it really isn't that unusual

    • it's definitely significantly less than the other way around.