Do Russian and Ukrainian women like guys mixed with a Indian background?

I'm on a foreign dating site and I met a Indian woman on there about a week ago. Trying to see if me and her may have something in common. However, I have not had any Indian women look at my profile. I had a couple of Asians from Singapore browse my page. But I'm viewed mainly by Ukrainians and Russians and had one Russian from Moscow that sent message saying wow! I don't what that was about so I ignored it. I knew there were Russians and Ukrainians on this site, but I didn't bother looking them up. I also had some views from other European countries. But so funny no views from India except that Indian woman I message first.

Truthfully, I'm kind of scared of Russian and Ukrainian women because some of the things I have heard. I knew one Russian guy and he told me they dog their men around.


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  • This is definitely not the kind of question that anyone on this site it's can have a clue about unless they are Ukrainian or Russian When I comes to these kinds of questions I always say some do and some dont


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  • It varies for every person! there could be some women who like one type of guy and other women may not like them. You aren't going to get an accurate response to this question really, it's too hard to say either way! Its all based on individual preference, as well as appearance. One Indian descented man may be more attractive to another!


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  • Just a few to make a terrible example. I would say you meet these women yourself.