Guys and texting, insist or let go?

What do you do when you text a guy and he doesn´t respond? It wasn´t anything important I just sent him a text to hear how he was doing and I didn´t get any answer. It has happened a couple of times before, I know he will call maybe in a couple of days (that´s what he usually does, instead of texting) but writing a text without getting a response can kind of feel like waving at someone without the person wawing know the feeling?

Anyways, should I mention it to him so he understands I felt a a bit annoyed to just be ignored like that or should I just let it go and not even mention it? I would go for the second but I´m afraid he will loose a bit of respect for me if I accept his behavior. What do you think?


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  • Sounds like you're dealing with someone who is not that keen on texting in general and prefers to call people. I'm like that, I will call back if it's urgent and will skip on texts when someone just wants to chat.

    Why don't you ask him next time you speak to him? Just say you were not sure how to take it. I also would say that it would be best not to text again - if someone does not want to text back they probably will not want to text back to the second text either. Why spam them? Text someone who loves texting :)


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  • You should let it go. You don't know why he didn't respond. And you want to keep things light at the beginning of a relationship, so if you start complaining about one text before you're even dating, you'll make things serious before you're even dating and make yourself seem insecure and controlling, all of which is a huge turn off.

    • what about after almost three months you?ve been seeing each other?

    • Then it's aberration, and you don't know why he did it. Have confidence in yourself and the relationship. It's only a problem if he continues to do it.

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  • When I text a guy and he doesn't respond then I won't text him until he text me back or call. A guy either likes you or not and there's no in between. So don't invest on guys that are not that into you.