Could you date other people even if you were still in love?

This is mostly for the guys, but ladies can answer, too!

First, would you break up with your significant other simply because you were both going to different schools? And if you did, and you truly loved her (him), would you still be able to date other people?

Can you guys please elaborate? My thought process is that if you really love the person, you'd at least try to make the distance thing work. So if you can go ahead and date other people, than you don't really love the person you were with.


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  • I did that out og high school. We didn't want to do long distance so we separated. I won't lie that first semester involved a lot of drinking partying and meaningless hook ups, but the longer we were apart the more it changed from being in love to just loving her like I would my family and friends. I only fully emotionally moved on in my second semester when I became serious about getting to know new girls.

    It is possible to date someone while still loving someone else though aka rebound

    • @update Relationships don't run on love alone.Never have and never will. There is logic and realism, hard work and compromise too. Most people know what they are capable of and what they are not capable of. The only time I could try long distance was for my wife or a potential fiancee. Everybody has their dealbreakers that not even love can save which makes also counts for large portion of divorces I.e irreconsilible differences

      Like I said rebound dates are an ex of dating people while still

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  • If you love someone then the person more than yourself, give your all to her/him. That is what true love means, while all other love is just attraction. Its funny hearing tht distance can keep lovers apart. When you love distance doesn't matter at all, because ull both are one and connected to each other with your hearts and souls. God gave us brains so we cd make devices like cpu,tablets,phones,etc. So use it and enjoy fruits of love.

    If you truly love you wouldn't even think about dating someone as you know you already have someone who loves you very much.

  • yup

    • @ update - basically what TedStar said, you would still want to be with the person who you love but you can't wait forever and eventually have to try and move on

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  • I'd break up because of distance, yes.

    Could I date others while still in love? No. On some level I'd always be comparing them to him so I'd feel like I was wasting both my time and their time.

    • I'd try to make distance work, for sure, but it may not work out.

  • Yes.

  • obviously yeah.