Where did all the good girls go?

I am rapidly approaching thirty. I followed the script, I went to college got a bachelors in physics. Then got my graduate degree in engineering. all along the way I've been looking for a good girl. However to this day I have not found one that's not Mormon or Muslim. seeing how I'm an atheist I didn't think it would be a good thing to pursue them. Now I'm just standing here looking at my options between dating a girl not old enough to drink or dating women who I would not respect myself for being with due to past behavior. so really ladies, where have all the good girls gone.


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  • You will likely need to go to another country to find a girl worth marrying.

    • thats what its looking like, these people want to shame men into wifing come dumbsters. its bizarre really

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    • like I have been with a couple dozen women, however I did fulfill my part of my gender contract. got degrees and I make good money. I am stable and have a stable life and am ready to provide for my children. if a girl wants to hop on this gravy train with biscuit wheels she's better have took care of her end of the deal

    • When a woman refuses to settle it is because she is entitled to a man that is her equal. When a man refuses to settle it is because he unreasonable, or too judgmental. A relationship is suppose to be a partnership. If you are helping them, and they don't have anything to offer you, they are a pretty worthless partner.


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  • The problem isn't where the good girls have gone. The problem is you.

    "i would not respect myself for being with due to past behavior"- you have unrealistic expectations and standards, you also seem like the highly critical type, a straight shooter, probably don't date that often. All you have is a good resume. In reality, your lack of not being aware of what you need and what you want is the issue. Denial much?

    What is the definition of good? is that the same as being "pure" "innocent" "naive"? Your wants are conflicting and scattered. all I hear is "i want this but!.." "then..i meet this but!" BUT she isn't

    -a virgin

    - hot







    -a person that likes staying home

    lol GOODLUCK, how about you just make a fembot ? you'll get what you want then.

    • so what exactly are you saying? I'm too good for most women? I certainly didn't work this hard to have my children with some other mans left overs that's for sure.

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    • Great perception leluxe. @QA...have you ever thought that when someone keeps pointing fingers at everyone else their whole life it might be time to take a peek at yourself?

    • you point fingers when you blame somebody. who the hell is pointing fingers?

  • First what do you constitute sleeping around?

    Second we've run away and lost hope for men because of dealing with pervs like this.


    • uhhh I don't know 3+ is kind of my area of apprehension also I didn't find that link to be pervy at all.

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    • No you are insecure that's why you want a woman that can't compare you to anyone else. I found a REAL man that accepts me for my good and bad qualities just like I have with him. I don't hold his past against him and he doesn't do that with me either. The only expectation I have of him is that he respect me. THE SEX IS FUCKING AWESOME TOO. P.S. he's not a manwhore like you he's only slept with 7 women. I wouldn't want your diseased used up dick anywhere near me.

    • nope not insecure at all, and I got a big dick

  • Seriously asking the internet this question? You're asking to be attacked.

    They're out there, but whining on the internet isn't going to make one magically appear.

  • What past behaviour would effect your respect for yourself ?

    • her sleeping around

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    • Because guys like you are hypocrites.

    • and why is that bad? women like men to be taller then them sounds a bit hypocritical to me

  • They are a lot of good girls out there. You are looking at the wrong kind of girls. :)

  • There are still good girls around, I know my gfs are good people. faithful, conservative plus open minded at the same time, doenst place a heavy emphasis on religion, filial etc

    but you must be able to explore further

  • I suppose according to your post, I'd be considered a "good girl," well past drinking age yet I've still got a ways to go before reaching 30. I'm neither Mormon nor Muslim and am working on a grad degree in the sciences.

    I don't think I'd ever date a person like you. The way you write makes you sound entitled, unclassy, too traditional in your thinking, critical, and judgmental. Too short-sighted and intolerant for my taste, personally, maybe even falling somewhere along the lines of bigoted and delusional; whoever you end up with, you would break her. You have a lot of red flags here. Where have all the "good girls" gone? Either they're hiding, or you're incompatible enough that you don't run into them at all.

    I can't help but agree with the other comments, too. Are you ready for a relationship? Physical age is sometimes not so closely correlated to emotional, mental, or spiritual. Time to grow up or face growing old alone.

    • you inferred more words from my writing, then words I even wrote. I agree we would not make a match. I would not want to spend my life with a person that puts words in my mouth from their derivations of meaning of what I said. sounds like hell on earth.

  • They're everywhere. You keep going to parties like the hypocrite you are looking for a good girl.

    • i haven't been to a party in at least 9 years. thanks for making assumptions about myself

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    • That you're a hypocrite that deserves to be alone

    • damn like that I see

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  • Everybody knows that there are no girls in physics and engineering haha, big mistake on your part. You should have gone in the social sciences. While I agree that it's harder to find a "good" girl, they are out there, just have to look a little harder. Also, a lot of people have done dumb things when they were younger, doesn't mean you should cross them out just because of that if they're a changed and good person.

    • well I do cross them off because like I said I wouldn't be able to respect myself.

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    • Its looking like I will need it.

    • I have to side with the girls on this one. They have very good points, don't be stubborn and hypocritical.

  • Oddly some people have a combination of low self esteem with pretentiousness. This sadly is you. I am 100% positive that no one could answer this question. It is time to look inside yourself and find out how to mature and how to rid yourself of your bitterness. You clearly are too judgmental and angry and this alone will be a turn off even if you did find this "fantasy woman" that does not exist. Improve your self worth. help real world people and do some inner growth. Best of luck to you.

    • lol, judgmental sure, everybody is that's not exclusive to men. angry, not at all you missed that by a mile.

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    • lol I did long ago, I'm a man. I say to you stop being a pussy push over

    • Ok you're right

  • bad girls die young and the good girls are left corrupted.