Has anyone else ever had this problem on a dating site?

So I realized that in the past 5-6 days, the 300 or so messages I have sent... none of them have been answered, and no one has looked at my profile... even if you assume a low response rate(a few percent) that is VERY unusual.. and usually a decent % at least looks at my profile... I then discovered it is because NONE OF MY MESSAGES GOT THROUGH...this is on OkCupid... has anyone had this problem? Like what the hell! All that time and effort and they didn't even receive it! So I had to contact support.. hopefully it is fixed soon.


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  • 300 messages in 5-6 days? Either you have a ton of time on your hands or you're cut and pasting a bland message to all the girls on the site.

    Are they not in your sent box at all? If you're spamming that many messages with a cut and paste message I wouldn't be surprised if OKC did something like flag your account as a spammer or soemthing.

    • no, I type 160 WPM and I process information quick... They are personalized and often funny or catchy.

      They are. It's a bug. The messages are NOT being received.

      Also, read what I wrote dude. None of the messages are the same, or even close to being the same.


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  • As a girl who tried online dating I can tell the difference between a guy who sends out message after message trying to get a response and a guy who read my profile and took and interest in it.

    Make them personal.

    I know that had nothing to do with your question.

  • i imagine that's a big problem. if you do obnline dating LOWER your expectations!


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  • I read online the number of men out numbers women on these dating sites so it will be hard. Many people tell me meeting women in person still the best way.