Why do so many girls prefer white guys?

I notice so many black girls (online aka on here) prefer white men, despite most white men not liking black girls. And then they come on here and ask if white men like black girls.

Guys who respond honestly get downvoted. But those who do respond honestly represent the majority of white men.

But in real life, most black girls aren't desperate to date white men like the black girls online.

Why is this?


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  • I don't know that 'so many' black girls prefer white guys. I think it has more to do with general desire of black women to be seen as attractive by all men ...if that makes sense. I don't think that they necessarily want white men but they want to know that they could be considered an option by white men. I'll make three specific points

    1...I think I would feel very upset (and as a black man can relate) to know that some people categorically dislike or even hate you simply because of the color of your skin. It doesn't matter your character, personality, etc. And frankly it goes beyond simple girls liking boys (it applies to all forms of relationships) but since this site most often deals with romantic relationships it's the most common issue/question we may see relating to race.

    2...I think there is also a common outlook by many (of all races) but especially pertinent to black women that a lot of black men make poor partners (they don't stick around, they are unfaithful, etc) and unfortunately statistics support this belief (more single black mothers, higher rates of black men incarcerated, etc). So if you are black woman and know that statistically and generally speaking a good black partner is harder to come by, then it would be natural to hope that generally and statistically speaking "better" partners might want to date you.

    3...I read an article recently about interracial relationships and how they are becoming more common (in America) BUT the smallest number of interracial relationships consist of black women and white men. So I think when you see growing numbers of interracial relationships around you (and particularly of black men with white women) it is natural to wonder why there seems to be fewer black women and white male relatioships...and then ask why? and in a forum like GaG you can sort of poll the issue to see if there are white men who find black women attractive and it can lead to either a sense of hope (if you see positive responses) or disappointment (if you get negative responses) that while the number of interracial relationships is growing the number of black women partnered with white men is less prevalent

    ...being a human is tough, being a woman is tougher, and being a black woman (in my opinion) is the toughest. Heck John Lennon even said so ("Woman Is the N*gger of The World", so what would that make a black woman). I hesitate posting this and hope people understand it is just my opinion and written with the utmost sensitivity to all

    • I agree with this. I was going to write something very similar. Black women want the choice to also be able to date different races and to be seen as being as desireable as other races. BW have to fight so many stereotypes and being at the bottom of the social food chain doesn't help. It can be confusing that in the 21st century where integration and open minds are prevalent that they aren't getting the kind of attention that other women are getting

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    • great answer.

    • wow fantastic.

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  • The high holding stereotype that white people are the dominating and ultimately superior race. It is highly believed that because more than 50% of American' media is controlled by white people, for instance most directors are white, most entertainment business entrepreneurs =white, parent musical/entertainment ceos (example; head of Columbia records is white) = white, well majority. And most of all all modeling agencies and big brand beauty supply sellers such as l'oreal, Louis Vitton and Victoria secret all which we see on thousands of commercials monthly on every channel = all started and controlled by white people. Without being ignorant and sounding like a racist - most of America along with most parts of the world is controlled or at least influenced by white people - take= the history of westernization/colonization of India, Caribbean islands, Brazil, West and Southern regions of Africa (would have bin east but was already inhabited by inhabitants they established good trading relations with '' no one fucked with the Ottoman empire and persian empire" and central but due to unfavorable conditions such as disease and parasites it was least favored region to colonize). All of the colonization were done by white people.

    However all of these examples sums up as to why most women prefer the white guy because it means a better and securer future for them and their family. It doesn't matter whether they are "online" or in real life. In real life, standards must change in order to fit the expectations of their family and others in order to "blend in" so that black girl online - feinin for a white guy, so she doesn't suffer from any criticism from her conservative family or loved ones.

    This stereo type also holds true for Spanish women. Most Hispanic and Latina women are told from young its better to marry a white guy from a nice family because it insures their future and family in America. Example look a D.R. most darker people are treated as second class citizens than their lighter relatives and peers - Race will always be a big deal every where we go and is very prevalent. Its just hidden from plain site to avoid being ridiculed or being called "Racist" or unjust - I hope this long ass answer helps and was worth your time.

    • my experience in Dom Rep was sadly just as you said for the most part. I think the biggest cities are better (e.g. Punta Cana) but I was dismayed at the discrimination by people of 'color' towards other people of a darker shaded 'color'

  • From my perspective as a white guy, it feels like the opposite - probably 1/2 or more of the white guys I know are interested in black girls (though not exclusively) but feel like black girls aren't interested in them. One guy I know who just started using some online dating sites was surprised that he was getting attention from black girls, he's responding, he has no issue with it. He just never thought of it as something that might happen I think.

    What I've learned from GaG is that a lot of people are interested in those of other races. They may ALL be minorities (maybe lots of white guys aren't interested in black women and lots of black women aren't interested in white men) but they are sizeable minorities, so go for it.

    • Sounds to me like excuses. Everyone on here claims to be into black chicks but reality says otherwise. And even then, the girls on here aren't looking for the Robert Deniro types. But you never see a Liam Hemsworth with a black chick

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    • Most people are not beautiful. They are fat tubs of lard.

      I sometimes rack in downvotes on this issue.

      Mainly when I suggest one factor may be that even more black women then white are obese in the us and that white men seem less accepting of it.

    • No one ever argues against that. There are only one or 2 GIRLS who are soldiers for black girls and fat girls. They downvote anyone who says anything relatively negative about fat girls.

      In fact, when you look at guys who are honest about why they dislike black girls, weight comes up. As does the herpes thing.

      True, most people are not beautiful. But it seems like a lot of people on here will call the most average black or Asian girl on here beautiful out of pity

  • I dated a black girl once and she told me that most black girls stick to black men. Your perception is focused in too small of an area for the question. The question should read:

    Why is it the black girls on GAG prefer white guys. American black girls prefer black men.

    source: Me.

    I can attest to AMERICAN black girls. I dated one and she told me what's up.

    That they "generally stick to their race."

  • Hell if I know.. It's never really made any sense to me. It could be due to jacked up beauty standards in the west that doesn't quite celebrate multiculturalism. In American entertainment most of the romantic chick flick types are white guys. Black and Asian men aren't exactly portrayed in a positive way. How many handsome and masculine Asian guys are in American media? I think the reason why there are many women who automatically place white men higher on the totem pole is due to how pigeonholed non whites are. White people are diverse in personality and culture in films but everyone else is reduced to a few stereotypes. If you keep being told enough that a specific look is more romantic, diverse or cultured then eventually we all start to believe it. If black men are reduced to a few negative stereotypes and people see it often enough people start to believe it. I think most humans are way too easily influenced. I hate to play the institutionalized racism card but I think it definitely contributes.

    I also think it's human nature to want to assimilate to the majority of any society you are in. We would rather fit in than stick out and be stared at. Everyone likes to feel accepted and hates to be treated differently based on things we can't and shouldn't want to change.

  • If this is an online questionnaire for here or any place where the majority of the people on it are white, then I guess you'll get the majority the majority of the people choose their own ethnicity, it's really that simple.

    Ask the same question on a similar African or Asian site and you'll see the same answer. Most people prefer their own skin color and even nationality or religion, because they feel more comfortable with it.

    Anyhow, I do praise the people that look past these superficial differences and actually follow their heart's and go after the person they admire and love, no matter their skin color, religion, nationality, financial situation or even gender.

    These are the people that diversify and make life unique, interesting and inspiring that we can be so much better than past generations, just to live life and stop being racist bigots.

    • But most people have racial preferences. They're following their hearts by sticking within their preferences. They shouldn't be guilted into having other preferences just because people perceive it as racist

    • well, it has to start somewhere.

  • By observation I think there is a lot of white gals with back guys. I don't know about black gals preferring white guys. Personally, I'm white and really like black girls, especially as sex partners. Black women seem more sexually "in tune" and open.

    • Of course you do

    • LOL hmm I guess you have never seen a are white guys into black girls question that has been spammed ad nauseum on here, in due time level one in due time.

  • It's hard to resist white guys natural flava

    • Yeah, more proof of awkward white guys who don't know how to talk to black girls

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    • Social attraction.

  • Well... I'm a white guy... and believe me, I don't care about ethnic or colours. All I look for is a beatiful girl, no matter if she is black or white or whatever... and that's just to judge about beauty, not for dating. If I'm looking for a girl to have a date with, beauty is not the only thing...

  • It's a fair question it really is. I have seen so many black girls or other types asks this question frequently and the common thread is they never or rarely say WHY?

    They just ask if they approve or not, it's weird, so maybe we can get some response as to why they are.

    Oh yeah if someone dares to say anything that isn't agreed with regarding dating preferences or for those who aren't interested they are pegged as a close minded racist.

  • I could like a black girl. I just haven't met any that liked me back. By the way, I'm a white 29 year old.

  • Online everyone is faceless

    No fear of rejection

  • are you half Ethiopian? Ethiopian girls are hot. I'd do one forever.

    • well, because white is seen as the prized race. There is kind of a silent war being fought about this kind of thing. But, people prefer not to talk about it. and when someone does they see them as crazy.

      Who chose to make white people the most beautiful race? This goes back to racism 101. Hi btw

    • Am I half ethiopian? lol that's a random question!

      No, I am not. Why do you ask?

    • cause they're niiice. Show me a picture of you, I want to see it. please I'll give you something. Idec right now.

  • Question with multiple opinions.


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  • When you are online poeple unable to know your identity so it less embarrassing to ask questions like that.I believe even in real the amount are quite the same as online but not many have the courage to ask it openly.About the downvotes,I guess almost everyone doesn't like to get excluded when comes to preference thing bet it race,height,skin colour or weight.That just how many people are.

    • But those are honest opinions. people shouldn't ask questions if they don't want those types of honest responses

    • Yeah I know.I guess people ask questions and want to hear something to make themselves feel better and less bad.Though they know the reality.

  • Look, I am an African American woman but I am also one person. Therefore I can only speak for myself and not on the behalf of all African American women.

    With that said, let me begin with this: preference is a surface feature in all cases. What I mean by the aforementioned statement is that there are several factors that go into why one "prefers" a particular thing or person. For example, someone might say that I prefer cotton as a fabric for my clothing and linens because, if they were to look throughout my home, they would notice that the majority of the bed sheets, tops, and bottoms I own are made of it. However, the reason why I often choose items made out of cotton is based on my liking of its properties (cotton is easy to clean, it is extremely soft, it is durable, etc.).

    The same thing is true of attraction. If a person is seen to date or simply be attracted to men of a particular race, it is either a product of pure coincidence or coincidence within boundaries set by culture/religion/belief. In regards to myself, who I am attracted to only depends on the aspects of the guy himself (his looks, his personality, his intelligence, his interests, his mannerisms, etc.). I don't have a problem dating a man of any ethnicity so there aren't any limitations on the guys I could date in that respect. Also, I don't play into the stereotypes associated with each race: I would never date white men because they are labeled as successful nor would I deter from dating African men since they are "known" to be domineering. So whether or not I am attracted to a guy, that is solely coincidence. However the faith a person belongs to, the value system a person has in place, and/or the culture a person is a part of can regulate their options of a mate.

    Switching gears here, there is one thing more people need to understand: unless a person holds some kind of prejudice toward a certain race, you cannot truthfully say that they "don't like" said race. This person may not have been attracted to or even liked the qualities of the people of a particular ethnicity that they have been exposed to--but that doesn't mean they do not like/aren't attracted to all of the males/females who belong to that race. For years I have never meet a man of Indian decent who I found attractive, but at the beginning of this semester of college I was introduced to the most amazing guy. We are interested in the same things and share the same ambitions; also he is handsome and has the most colorful personality I have ever seen. And as you probably have guessed, yes, he is of Indian decent. So let me reiterate, unless a person holds some kind of prejudice toward a certain race, you cannot truthfully say that they "don't like" or will never be attracted to a person of said race.

    In conclusion, a person's selection of a mate is specific to them. There are factors that can limit who they can consider but in the end any trends seen is a product of chance.

  • I'm not black, I'm "brown" I guess, and I tend to go for white guys. Why? I was brought up in Australia and while we're pretty multicultural, there are a lot more white guys than not. Maybe it's adaptation? lol

    I don't get what people are talking about when they say white guys don't go for coloured girls. Almost all the guys I've dated/etc have been white... I don't even think about it lol.

    As for people online, I'm guessing they're blaming their skin colour for not getting a partner, but it's probably something else (unattractive, personality, etc).

    • brown =/= black

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    • I'm in the same situation, as a guy. I have a similar skin color as you, hot-dog girl :D (Answerer). I was brought up in Hungary where generally people are white. And it looks like I get along better with them than with the "exceptions".

    • Maybe its an American thing then? When I was there I didn't notice any difference though lol

  • I think this has to do with the fact that they watch too much hollywood movies and music scene who have good looking white actors/stars in them. Life imitates Art.?

  • Maybe its just because of the percentage of people online, and that it is open to ask questions anonymously.

  • Flavour of the month/moment?