Does this guy just have an end goal of sleeping with me?

I am pretty, fit, in my mid twenties, no children, and never married. Over a year ago, I had a profile on a dating site that I've since deactivated. But I had given my phone number to a fairly attractive somewhat successful guy also in his mid twenties. We started texting a lot and made plans to meet but his texts quickly turned very sexual so I canceled our plans.

I began dating someone else and told him this so he texted less, but I still heard from him about once a week. Usually a good morning, or a goodnight text. I wasn't replying though. About a month later, I was single again so I starting texting him back. Things got sexual again though so I never made new plans to meet.

I ended up meeting someone and things toured pretty serious. And for a few months he kept texting me. This time I didn't tell him I was taken because I assumed if he just wanted to sleep with me, he would get the point and stop. He finally one night that he would leave me alone, but would like am explanation as to why I stopped talking to him when he thought I liked him. I never returned an explanation.

Six months later, I was single again. And decided to give him his explanation although he completely stopped texting at this point. I told him that I was in a relationship, it had just ended though. He said he had also moved in with a girl but they were breaking up. We started texting a lot again about the same time I was reconnecting with an old friend from out of state.

When I told him I was again going to date someone else, he played it up like he was really hurt. "We're both finally single again." He said, "I wanted us to be together. You're the only girl I want." And all those things are nice to hear but I'm a pretty skeptical girl so I tested the waters with my old friend anyway.

Well that didn't work out either.

So we have started texting again. Most his texts are very sexual, and I'm not a one night stand kind of girl. But I also don't really want another serious relationship as I've dated so much this past year. He airways says how happy he is we can finally be together. I can't help but thinking that sex just may be his very long end goal. However he's very attractive so that would seem kind of obsessive. I mean, just go sleep with a girl you don't have to bother for over a year.

By the way, I have googled this guy. Found his Facebook, twitter, and done a background check. Yes, he's who he says he is. And single.


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  • A guy who was into you for you and not the sex, then he would make an effort to get to know you, not just what colour panties you wear, so if you ever do get to text guys and they turn sexual, then its not you they are interested in, its what's in your panties that excites them, so wait for a guy who wants to know about you and get to know you, not instantly want to be your boyfriend, because this does not happen, any worthy guy would need to know all he can about you before wanting to meet and then deciding if there's potential in a relationship,x


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  • He seems more serious than just wanting a one night stand honestly. What kind of relationship are you looking for? I didn't catch that. He may be good for something casual, but I'd be wary because he seems more serious than that based on how long and frequently he's been texting you.

    • I would be open to a relationship in the future. I don't want a once night stand because that's not the kinda girl I am, but I'm not ready for another boyfriend just yet.

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    • I guess I don't want to meet him if a relationship can't develope. That's why I wanted to know. If sex is his goal, then once and for all I need to put an end to this because it's a waste of both our time.

    • Sex is obviously an eventual goal of his, but it doesn't sound like its his only goal to me.

  • Sounds like he only wants sex, since from what you said, his texts become sexual quickly.


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  • but you never met him in person right? you should not meet him, he has no respect for you , he talks sex to u. .a real gentlemen doesn't get explicit with a lady on the phone he never met unless that's Is his goal(sex).You seem to have no prob meeting and dating guys so continue that and stay clear of the other guy, you don't really KNOW him and he tells you he wanted you to be together? he hasn't even met u.., you did a background check on the info HE gave u. You don't have solid proof.

  • you should post one of his message, and let us decide how sexual this guy is.