How to get her to be genuine again?

I have known this girl for a long time, we have decided to wait til we are both in college before we date again. Lately she just seems to use me. She will text and snapchat, then just stop. She will start again after a while, but then stop again randomly. I am assuming other guys are giving her attention because I know a lot of guys in her town are trying to get her with her since its her last year of high school. How do I get her to be genuine with me again and not just drop me the moment another guy decided to talk to her? To her I seem clingy, which I am and I am working on not being. But to me when she stops talking randomly and doesn't talk til the next evening (and only talks for a few texts and snaps), it just seems like I am nothing to her.


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  • I agree with the other anon girl. It's up to her to decide whether or not she's genuine. If I were you, I would try not to be so quick to answer her texts/chats. She's not making you a priority in her life, so you shouldn't either.

  • you can't. she's not there yet , she's not interested in being genuine yet


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