How do I convince my parents to let me hang out at my boyfriend's house?

I'm almost 18 and my boyfriend and I have been dating almost five months, and we're really tired of walking around the mall or spending money on movies and dates just to hang out with each other. However, my dad won't let me hang out at his house because he's afraid we'll have sex. My boyfriend and I have promised each other that we won't until marriage, so he really doesn't have anything to worry about, but he doesn't believe us. All we do is makeout, but it's hard to find private places to do that, and I don't want to be disrespectful by doing it in public. We can't go to my house because my dad would watch us like a hawk. We can't say we're going somewhere else and then go to his house because my dad had a tracker in my phone that he checks everytime I go out. My mom fully trusts me and thinks it would be okay for me to be at his house, but that doesn't matter if my dad doesn't. All we want is to spend time together without spending money, and to have just a little privacy. My dad used to let my older sister go to her byfriend's house, so I don't know why he won't do the same. Any advice would be appreciated!


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  • don't tell them


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  • listen to your father, he is doing what is best for you


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