What he might be thinking?

We meet in a dating site one month ago and have been dating every weekend, texting each other pretty much daily, he invited me to sleep over at his place and he just kissed me... didn't try to do anything else we just cuddle and fell asleep? Does he likes me? I'm so confused :(

He told me he is respectful but I just think is tooo respectul lol please help :) thanks!


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  • Hes getting to know you and I'm thinking respecting you ! (some guys can) .. You may have to take it to the next level and see what happens ! :p

    • Thanks! :) I will wait ... I guess I can survive lol

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  • enjoy him being respectful,many times a man will do this so you will want sex next time around...yes he likes you but he is waiting for you to want to have sex with him, it looks like his method is working