Prick Teaser?

A few guys have called me a prick teaser. I thought it was good to get a guy all turned on and then leave him wanting more. Won't that make him more interested in me?


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  • Sometimes but be careful with who you do that with. Some girls end up raped or dead because they do what you do. Just a warning that it could happen. Anyhow, being a tease is effective if you intend to follow through eventually. Just be careful.


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  • Ironic this one and then also the other post about expressing your body ^_^

    Anyways, as far as this question - guys that are looking for a "one night fling" etc like having a nice lookin female in their grasp - most guys think of it as a "power-trip"

    Honestly, if you were to come to my home town, guys wouldn't like that so much - we find it to be old and annoying.. its something you do in middleschool and highschool maybe - but after that, you're just lining yourself up for a bad future ;;

    I'm against it, but I won't tell you to stop.

    Keep in mind the fact that you should be extra safe, there are people that have sick minds and couldn't hurt you -- but hell, I'm not your mother or father so do what you want ^_^

    If there's anything else I can answer let me know~


  • No, it's frustrating and infuriating.

    A "tease" is probably amongst the worst terms I could call a woman.

    And if a girl seems like she could possibly be a tease, I leave her alone like I never met her.

  • No it won't, it will make him resent you and he'll think of you as a tease, which is NOT good.

  • Only if you're looking for a hook-up. Good luck finding a relationship that way though, because I don't think it's likely.


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  • Girls like to do it but men hate it. For men if your going to tease you better put out. They just don't like you getting them worked up and than nothing in the end...You know there are other ways you can tease without it being sexual and still have fun and he doesn't end up all frustrated...

  • where I am from you would be called a "blue baller" because you probably leave guys in that predicament frequently. not cool.