Been texting this girl from work...

To give a little backstory- I met this girl from work, we were talking, I taught her things about the job ect... and one day she had to wait for a ride home. I offered her one and she was about to call her mom to tell her not to come, but it was to late as she already left. When I got home she had added me on Facebook and messaged me. We talked for a few days consistantly, and finally yesterday I asked if she always used Facebook to talk to people. She quickly answered no and gave me her phone number, so we were texting back and forth for a bit. I texted her today asking if she ever saw the movie she told me she wanted to see, intending to ask her to see it with me, however she said she wanted to re-read the book for it first, and never got an answer afterward. Is there a way to bounce back from this, is it worth it, ect?


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  • Yeah I say give it another try. Its not like you ask her out 50 times and got shot down. I'm not saying she's like this but for me if a guy asked me out & it was bad timing or whatever that doesn't mean I'm not interested. maybe it was just... bad timing (schedule conflicts) It also doesn't mean I'm gonna ask him out either. It means I want him to ask me again to let me know he's really interested & making an effort. Now, if she's ALWAYS having an excuse, well its pretty obvious.


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  • Yes definitely keep trying. That doesn't really seem like a 'no' or an excuse but I could be wrong. Maybe say something like "Hm, that reminds me, maybe I should read the book as well. Is it pretty good?'. Just to see if she will respond and stuff.

    But definitely don't give up hope dude. I wouldn't call this one a rejection.