Dating while collecting unemployment....

Myself and about 10 of my co-workers were recently laid off from our place of work. It was a cost-cutting move. I'm able to collect unemployment benefits because the state decided that I was "wrongfully terminated". Unfortunately, I have a "Reckless Driving" misdemeanor criminal charge from 2 years ago that is still following me and possibly interfering with my job hunt. I have less than a year to go before I can get my charge expunged. As I search for work & go back to school part-time to finish my BA, is dating a crazy idea? Would you date someone who was dealing with these problems or would you decline. Any thoughts? Thanks! =)


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  • Everyone has problems, and baggage from the past. I wouldn't hesitate to date someone with a reckless driving record, so long as they let me drive, lol.


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  • i'm not saying it's impossible, but I think you should find a job before you start dating. even if it's a part-time job at McDonald's, it's better than nothing.

    like spend 10 hours a day hunting (with maybe Sunday off) till you find one.

  • You're fine. don't over think it. Woman are not shallow as some may think. Effort is the key.