Have I ruined my chance?

There's this girl who I've known for about a month because we were made to sit next to each other in my geography clas. We had been getting on really well and it was clear that she liked me. On Wednesday I gave her a lift into town and I was going to ask her out but I never got the chance and my driving wasn't very good either. When I saw her the next day she was acting really weird and hardly talked to me when usually she was always laughing and joking with me. I have her number as well and we had been texting everyday but she hasn't texted me since Wednesday. Have I ruined my chance with her?


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  • I kind of doubt anything you did (driving) would have made her suddenly stop liking you. I think you are putting a little bit too much pressure on yourself. perhaps she was just in a weird state the next day, perhaps she had stuff on her mind, perhaps she wonders how you feel since you two were together and you didn't seem to make a move. Just talk to her next time you see her and gauge her response. I doubt anything is ruined


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  • Try again.


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  • Maybe, maybe not. The only way to know is to man up and ask her out.

    How do you know she's right now not in turmoil because there's this guy she likes in her geography class and she thought he liked her but he's never asked her out, so she feels he doesn't like her...

    • Do you think I should text her?

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    • I don't mean to ask her out by the way I'm doing that Monday but like should I text her anyway?

    • No more texting. call or see her in person.