Girls; How much younger can a guy be then you for you to date him?

Like what's the max amount of years younger can the guy be then you for you to date him? 4,5,10?

And the guy is not immature for his age.


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  • im 18 and least I'll go is 16 really depends on how mature he is


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  • i'd say it really depends on how old you are at the time. I mean, if I'm 18, and I say 4 years is my cut off, I'm still not going to date a 14 year old. even if he isn't immature for his age, there are so many experiences that he hasn't had yet that makes it really difficult to have a strong connection between us. I think there is a point where age's meaning sort of vanishes. I'd say like mid 20s to mid 30s, id date a guy up to about 6 years younger.

  • well it depends on the kind of girl but for me ill only go up to 8 years because it seems weird after 8 hope that helps you out. : )


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